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 Woolybus - The Borismaster - Wright's New Bus for London

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Woolybus - The Borismaster - Wright's New Bus for London

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Reduced in price!!! Woolybus - The Borismaster - Wright's New Bus for London

Woolybus is pleased to announce the release, printed in mid-August 2016, of our first publication, titled "The Borismaster - Wright's New Bus for London".

Consisting of 144 pages, including over 120 full colour photographs, the majority from Brian Cheyney but also from Kevin Cooper, Keith Wood and Billy Birkett, this book looks at a brief history of the iconic London vehicle, including each route conversion, as well as the various advertising campaigns that have been applied to various New Routemasters across London, up to and including the recent Coca-Cola campaign. Also within this book are details of chassis and body numbers, plus dates of entry into service.

This book is priced at 18.00, plus 1.00 towards P&P within the UK (included within the web site price) - for international orders, we kindly request that you contact us first to get the best price for shipping. A preview page can also be seen in a pop-up window by clicking on the front cover picture above.

We'd also like to thank Tom Gurney and Graham Bailey for their assistance in proof-reading this publication.

ISBN 9780995541603

Price reduced - now priced at 12.00 plus 1.50 P&P within the UK

Some feedback that we have received on this publication:

"The latest tribute to the New Routemaster tells the story of the commissioning and introduction of the bespoke hybrid double-deckers up to the entry into service of LT802 on 7 July. The high quality colour photographs, mainly by Brian Cheyney, are mostly offside or nearside front three quarter view of them in service.

The buses are listed by the routes on which they were introduced, showing fleetnumbers, registrations, chassis and body number and dates first into service.

A subsequent secion shows their use on night service, which pending their introduction on to East London Transit routes in February takes the type farther into the suburbs than in daytime hours, and there are descriptions of unique short vehicle ST812 and the Wright SRM-bodied VOlvo B5LH.

All of 70 pages are devoted to the special liveries applied to New Routemaster, mainly for commercial advertising. The use of vinyl rather than paint means these can often be short-lived, often lasting only a couyple of months before being removed, so this is a valuable record of what bus carried which advert and for how long.

Also useful are lists showing the garages to which each New Routemaster is allocated, the peak vehicle requirements for each route and 14 central or inner London locations where they can be seen in quantity - Oxford Circus (11 routes), Trafalgar Square (10) and Parliament Square (nine) are the top three."
Review by Alan Millar, Buses Magazine, September 2016

"Just received the newly published "The Borismaster" book published by Woolybus.

With apologies to Wools for any embarrassment caused, but got to say it is excellent.

Full fleetlist with garage allocations, best places to see them, routes & night routes operated, garages operating them - very thorough. As for the photos (again, apologies to Brian Cheyney for turning his face red), superb. Not been through it thoroughly yet, but I THINK all the different colourbus variations are in there.

I have no axe to grind and can assure you I'm not on any commission, but I can highly recommend.

If I find any faults when I do get to go through it properly, I'll let you know. However, from what I've seen/read so far, cannot find a thing wrong or a dodgy photo. A total of 133 actual bus shots, three shots showing the interior layout plus the two covers."
Colin Lloyd, posting on an online forum

"Excellent book!

I have never been a fan of the Borismaster (and still am not!), but I am very interested in buses adorned with overall adverts, so the fantastic selection of photos in your book really meets my interests. Incredibly comprehensive coverage.

All the best and well done!"
Rob Brockie, Preston

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