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 Northcord UKBUS6507A - ADL Enviro 400MMC - Bluestar (Winchester)

Northcord UKBUS6507A - ADL Enviro 400MMC - Bluestar (Winchester)

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Northcord UKBUS6507A - ADL Enviro 400MMC - Bluestar (Winchester)

Released in January 2019 is this excellent model of 1641 (HF66CFM), an ADL Enviro 400MMC in the Bluestar fleet, shown to be operating on route 1 to Winchester. This model also shows the dedicated route branding carried by the vehicle.

Please note that this model has been released as a dual-destination model - we are out of stock of the Southampton variant and unlikely to be getting any more into stock.

This item is a limited edition of just 660 pieces worldwide, and is expected to be very popular.

Priced at 42.50 plus P&P (RRP 59.99)

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